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Alnaddy is one of the internet’s most popular destinations for single Muslims looking to find love and romance. Alnaddy's Muslim matchmaking section is featured in English, Arabic, and French, and is completely based on Islamic morals and etiquette for finding a partner. Since its launch Alnaddy’s matchmaking portal has caught on in a big way and has helped pair an astounding 10,000 couples together in marriage across the Middle East, North Africa, and in the United States. AlNaddy is proud to be offering the dating site completely free of charge to all of its millions of users.

Hawaa | Arab Eve

Alnaddy Hawaa...Arab Eve community
Alnaddy's Hawaa community is a platform for Arabic and Muslim women to obtain useful information pertaining to their domestic and religious lifestyles. The platform allows for Arab women to be exposed to articles and resources which aim to address the most important subjects facing women in the modern world today. Our female audience can utilize the channel to receive support about life's most challenging issues and to learn about Arabic values, raising a successful family and receive techniques for achieving dynamic self-improvement.

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Alnaddy Games Center
Alnaddy's innovative game center includes a wide range of the latest and most entertaining flash games which will satisfy the very distinctive tastes of its visitors. Our goal is to bring together the most exciting games on the Internet into a single entertainment portal.

Arab MP3 songs

Naddy Elfan Art Portal
Alnaddy's specializes in presenting the Middle East's cultural plurality by showcasing the region's finest musical and artistic output. Unlike any other site on the internet, Alnaddy's expansive portal brings together all of the Middle East's culture into one place. Alnaddy uses highly advanced technologies to give its visitors the freedom to quickly browse and consume the Middle East's most popular music, art, and movies in an instant. Notably our entertainment section allows users to download their favorite podcasts and radio programs from all over the world for later listening.


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