How can i remove Alnaddy toolbar?



Option 1 to Uninstall (WIN7)


Click on the start button, and click to "Control Panel"





Then, click on "Uninstall program"


Search Alnaddy program in the programs menu, Right click on the toolbar, and click "Uninstall"
Program removed, click "Close"

Option 2 to Uninstall (WIN7 & XP)



IF option 1 dosn't remove the Alnaddy toolbar, please use this option.

This option works on all browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer).

Removing ALnaddy toolbar from FOREFOX

Search the Firefox icon on the desktop or on the start menu or the task bar, and right click on it, and click on "Properties"


Then, remove the link (whitch selected in the image bellow)




Click on "Applay", and on "OK"


You can also do the same steps on Chrome & Internet explorer Icons



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