About Alnaddy

Founded in 2004, Alnaddy is an online portal for connecting and interacting with the happenings of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Alnaddy prides itself on its adherence to the sensibilities of Arabic culture and the religious requirements of its constantly growing demographic of MENA users. The site enables its millions of visitors across the Middle East to stay informed within a religiously respectful environment by providing a platform for discovering interesting and valuable content every day. 

In 2010, Alnaddy opened an office in Egypt, a country where 32% of all of its visitors come from, and is currently in the process of opening several other branches in the Middle East in the next calendar year.  According to Alexa.com, Alnaddy is currently one of the world’s most visited webpages for Arabic speakers.

Alnaddy had head office in Sofia,Bulgaria and another branch in Alexandria, Egypt.


Main Branch - Bulgaria
Alnaddy Invest company ltd
(All Alnaddy websites holded by Bulgarian company Alnaddy Invest company ltd)
Pirin st 91, flloor 1
Sofia, Bulgaria

Egypt Branch
Al Fardos St. 36, Smoha
Alexandria, Egypt



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